User flow recommandations

A user authenticated to your website will automatically be authenticated to the Loyalty Web Kit (as the authToken will contain users’ info). Hence we recommend you to adapt the user flow according to login status.

"unconnected": {
			"signin": "",
			"signup": ""

An authenticated user navigating on the website will be logged in the Loyalty Web Kit. Keep in mind the three following scenarios:

  • Authenticated - existing in Splio database & member of your program
  • Authenticated - existing in Splio database & not member of your program: will subscribe to Loyalty program
  • Authenticated - not existing in Splio database: will create the contact and subscribe to Loyalty program
  • Non authenticated user: will go through a sign-in / sign-up page from the Loyalty Web Kit, and once authenticated, should be redirected to the Loyalty Web Kit display. You should provide to Splio the signIn and signUp page the user should be redirected to in case of a non authenticated user.