Supported data model

The processed events are recorded in Predictive CDP data model, in a distinct schema for each tenant, and in different data table (One table by event type)


Note that various technical data in these tables are common to all event types (event unique identifier, event type, event timestamp … ) and are not detailed in the functional information provided here.

Here you can find the details on the data which will be gathered for each event type :

For Page View events

Column full nametypedescriptionExample
Technical dataVarious propertiesIdentifier and time tracking reserved to Splio Predictive CDP managementIdentifiers are all generated UUID and events are time tracked at ms level
urlSTRINGPage public url
page_nameSTRINGPage name (if available in Data Layer)My Product page
platform_typeSTRINGPlatform where the event was originated (web, mobile …)web
page_idSTRINGGenerated UUID of page (or existing id if available in Data Layer)a22bb61b-adc7-03a0-cc4c-2d11d66aab19
user_idSTRINGIdentified user (if the “logged in user identifier” has been specified in Data Layer - and if the user is logged)hash(’abcdef12345-shop’) (or any secured model of identifier you use)
anon_user_idSTRINGGenerated UUID identifying the anonymous agent (see details on cookie management)a22bb61b-adc7-03a0-cc4c-2d11d66aab19
charsetSTRINGBrowser charsetUTF-8
languageSTRINGBrowser identified languageen-US
screen_resolutionSTRINGBrowser identified screen resolution2100x1313
color_depthSTRINGBrowser identified Color definition depth (bits)24
timezoneSTRINGBrowser identified TimezoneEurope/Berlin
page_referrerSTRINGReferer for page view
ua_device_classSTRINGIdentified user agent : class of deviceDesktop
ua_operating_system_classSTRINGIdentified user agent : class of operating systemDesktop
ua_operating_system_nameSTRINGIdentified user agent : name of operating systemWindows NT
ua_agent_classSTRINGIdentified user agent : class of agentBrowser
ua_agent_nameSTRINGIdentified user agent : name of agentFirefox
ua_agent_versionSTRINGIdentified user agent : version of agent119.0

For Product View events

Same as Page View plus :

Column full nametypedescriptionExample
product_idSTRINGIdentifier of product (if the “product identification” has been specified in Data Layer - and if a product is available in page). Must match the product_id of the product catalogue in Splio Marketing Automation. prod-121452152532


Note that the product viewed events are detected automatically by Splio CDP based on the product_id. It should be empty if the page is only a page_view.

Product category from

For Add to Cart events

Same as Page View, plus :

Column full nametypedescriptionExample
product_idSTRING Identifier of product ( Must match the product_id of the product catalogue in Splio Marketing Automation. ).
product_nameSTRINGName of productGreen Tee shirt
product_categorySTRINGCategory of added productTee-Shirt
unit_priceBIGNUMERICSpecified price of product item when added to cart12.34
currencySTRINGSpecified currency of product item when added to cartEur
quantityINTEGERSpecified quantity of product item(s) when added to cart2