Splio Snapchat Ads connector


Provided by: Splio
Connector type: Destination
Third-party system: Ads
Required license: "Marketing Automation + CDP" or "Predictive AI (previously TinyClues)"


Early access feature

Please note that this is accessible only through an early access program. As such, it may be subject to changes, including additions, modifications, or removals, as we continue to refine and optimize the product. If you are interested to join the early access program, please reach out to [email protected] or to your Splio contact and feel free to share any feedback.


Easily connect with your audience using our Snapchat Ads integration. Reach customers who've engaged with your business before and increase your acquisition by creating audiences and lookalike in Snapchat.

Snapchat and Splio sync customer lists automatically. Customize your targeting with our filters. Learn how to integrate Snapchat Ads with Splio in our guide.


  1. An access to Splio Connection Hub with an account having sufficient role
  2. A Snapchat business account.
  3. After adding the connector, you must invite [email protected] to your Snapchat Business manager with the Member role and assign desired Ad Account with the Data Manager role.

For additional information, see: Snapchat - Members And Roles


  1. Login to snapchat business account.
  2. Click the menu in the top left corner and select Members.
  3. Click on +Invite Members and invite [email protected] to your Snapchat Business manager with the Member role and assign to applicable Ad Account with Data Manager role


You should inform the Splio team regarding the invitation so they can accept the invitation as quickly as possible.