Get all the rewards of your Loyalty program.


Get the details of all the rewards of your Loyalty program.


Returns a Promise containing an array of reward object. Example:

    description: 'This is a special reward',
    external_id: 'my-reward-external-id',
    image_url: '{{image_url}}',
    name: 'Test Reward',
    condition: '',
    holding_days: 0,
    nqp_value: 100,
    stock: 0,
    limited: false,
    isDisplayed: true,
  // all your rewards...

Code example

// Get all the rewards details 
splioSDK.getRewards().then((rewards) => {
  console.log('Rewards', rewards);

// Get the number of rewards in the object
splioSDK.getRewards().then((rewards) => {
  console.log('Number of rewards:', rewards.length);