Shopify Checkout Extension for Splio Rewards


Provided by: Splio
Connector type: Web Kit
Third-party system: E-commerce
Required add-on: "Loyalty"


Shopify's checkout UI extensions introduced an exciting opportunity for Splio, as a Shopify Partner, to enhance the checkout experience with additional functionalities.

Merchants using Splio Loyalty & Rewards can seamlessly integrate a checkout extension into their store, enabling customers to use their rewards during the checkout process.

In this article, we'll guide you into how the extension operates and its installation and testing.

To sync data from your Shopify Store to Splio, please check the Splio Shopify App guide.


This feature is only available for stores on Shopify Plus plan.
It's not usable on Shopify PoS for now.


Early access feature

Please note that this is accessible only through an early access program. As such, it may be subject to changes, including additions, modifications, or removals, as we continue to refine and optimize the product. If you are interested to join the early access program, please reach out to [email protected] or to your Splio contact and feel free to share any feedback.

1. Overview

The app allows you to add a dropdown element to your checkout page, where logged-in customers can use rewards provided by Splio. The dropdown will only display granted rewards to a member, not used, nor expired.

Guest users will see a call to action instead of the dropdown to encourage them to log in or create an account to benefit from your Loyalty program.

2. Pre-requisites

In order to install the Rewards Extension, you must have:

3. Create and personalize your rewards assets

3.1 Loyalty Web Kit configuration

Note that customization is mostly managed directly on Splio Customer Platform to avoid creating duplicated contents and branding assets. You need to customize the texts of the rewards on your Loyalty Web Kit. The name and cost of the reward will be used for display on the rewards dropdown.

3.2 Rewards options

The Rewards dropdown supports the following reward options:

  • Discount codes fixed amount
  • Discount code %

If you want to add specific properties to your rewards, you need to specify the expected outcome in the Rewards custom fields that are created at the setup:

  • shp_discounts_min_amount: the minimum order amount to use the discount code
  • shp_free_shipping_max_amount: the maximum shipping fee amount for a free shipping discount
  • shp_discounts_min_quantity: the minimum number of products in an order to be eligible for a discount
  • shp_discounts_entitled_product_ids: discount on a list of Shopify product IDs
  • shp_discounts_entitled_variant_ids: discount on a list of Shopify product variants IDs
  • shp_discounts_entitled_collection_ids: discount on a collection of Shopify products
  • shp_shipping_line: this parameter should be set to 1 to enable free shipping (it will override the other discount types)


Coming soon

Not supported as of today

  • Free products
  • Buy X Get Y
  • Shipping discounts

4. How to setup the extension?

  • To handle your different translation, you need to configure your Loyalty Web Kit on Splio Customer Platform
  • Install Splio Shopify App by following the guide through the public app

Splio: Marketing Automation - Turn customer data into intelligent marketing automation | Shopify App Store

  • Install the Splio extension
    • Open your Shopify checkout editor.
    • Click Add App.
    • Select the Splio Checkout Extension
    • Copy and paste the configuration ID and universe name from the Loyalty Web Kit page
    • Edit texts in the Loyalty Web Kit if needed
    • Click Save.


You only need to associate on configuration of Loyalty Web Kit to your Shopify Extension UI. You can setup of your Loyalty Web Kit but choose not to integrate the front on your e-commerce. It is however to setup a configuration for security reasons and apply your program settings with the extension.


What is the user flow from an email?

If you want to create a marketing campaign to attribute unique codes to a large volume of users, you can create an automation in Splio. Here the flow will create a batch of codes in Splio, display the code in the email, apply a link redirecting to either the Loyalty Web Kit specific reward page or another page of your website. Here’s an exemple:

Burning rewards in the Shopify checkout process

Each time a Loyalty member proceeds to a checkout, he can use the discount codes granted beforehand. If it is done, the app will burn the attribution reward in Splio, making it impossible to use it again.

The earned and burned rewards are visible for each member in the Loyalty Web Kit reward history if installed on your Shopify.