The first step to initialize the Loyalty SDK

The main constructor for initializing the Loyalty Web Kit SDK.

You can learn how to use it with the following recipe

Code example

  authType: 'jwt',
  authToken: '{{appAuthToken}}',
  display: { mode: 'inline', container: '#splio-sdk' },
  // The widget mode allows you to display a mobile version loaded from the widget on the bottom right or left corner
  // display: { mode: 'widget', container: '#splio-sdk', position: 'bottom right' }, 
  // The hidden mode allows you to use the SDK methods without loading the JavaScript client side. 
  // display: { mode: 'hidden' },
  lang: 'fr',

Options properties

authTokenstringValid access tokenRequired
displayobjectParameters of the display modeRequired
authTypestringCould be jwt or sha256optionaljwt
langstringLanguage of the SDKoptionalfr