Splio Criteo connector


Provided by: Splio
Connector type: Destination
Third-party system: Ads
Required license: "Marketing Automation + CDP" or "Predictive AI (previously TinyClues)"


Splio Criteo connector lets you use audiences built with Custom Audience Filter in Criteo for display advertising campaigns.

This data transfer aims to make the most of the predictive and deterministic attributes in Custom Audience Filter to create effective display campaigns in Criteo.


To be able to use this connector, you need first to:

  • have a Splio CDP account
  • have a Criteo account

Setup process

How it works

  • Criteo Exporter creates/updates the audience specified by campaign from Splio CDP.
  • Uploads the list of users exported from Splio CDP using API.

This connection it consists of 3 steps:

  1. Connection details
  2. Export details
  3. Finish

Connection details

To setup a connection with Criteo, Splio needs three pieces of information that you must send:

  • Client_id
  • Client_secret
  • application_id

Export details

The second step of the process is preferences of the exported file

For this part, you will be able to choose one column from the user table, as this is the only information required by Criteo.

And your connection is ready!

This new connector will appear now on the connected list.