Splio Prestashop module by Ether Creation


Provided by: Partner
Connector type: Source
Third-party system: E-commerce
Required license: "Marketing Automation" or "Marketing Automation + CDP"

Before starting

In Splio

  • You need to have created an API user in the Admin to get an API key
  • You need to have one list in your universe:
    • this one is for the transactional consent (default list on Prestashop)
    • and you can have another list for the newsletter consent (NL subscribers in Prestashop)
    • and you can have more depending on your use cases
  • And you can use three optional lists: one for Optin subscribers (who have agreed to receive offers from partners), one for SMS consent, and one for the Loyalty program.
  • You must create one store in Splio for your Prestashop e-commerce.
  • You can link one Prestashop website to one Splio universe. This means that if you have several Prestashop websites, you need a Splio universe for each one of them.

In Prestashop

This module is compatible with all Prestashop versions for the version without Loyalty, and from Prestashop 1.7 if you are using Loyalty.

To see the details about how to set it up in Prestashop, please read Ether documentation.

Data Synchronization scope

When the connector is active, the following tables will be imported from Prestashop to Splio:

  • Contacts: only if they don't match the Email marketplaces defined in the configuration. This will enable the possibility of a Welcome campaign.
  • Orders: this will help you to create purchase confirmation campaigns in Splio
  • Abandoned carts: only the ones matching the timing conditions in the configuration. This can have an impact on how you set up your abandoned cart campaigns
  • Order lines
  • Products

And if Loyalty:

  • Card codes: the unique identifiers for your Loyalty members
  • Master rewards
  • Granted rewards: the rewards burn is handled by the module, and the data is sent to Splio to make the attribution ID "burnt", which means it won't be used a second time.
  • Refunds: the refunded orders from Prestashop are not linked to the previous orders, have a "refunded" or "partially refunded" in Splio, and have a negative total amount. Please read our article on Refunds to know more.


For all this data, the Splio custom fields are populated from the Prestashop fields defined in the configuration of the module.


To get support on the Prestashop connector, you can reach out to our partner Ether on this page.